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Timber Trail C Litter

Fall Brook Run’s Aili (Lilly) X

VC Hunting Hills' Joker

SMCNA Approved Breeding

Litter Whelped January 4, 2013

Fall Brook Run’s Aili (Lilly)

SM# 05050604KIM

NAVHDA# SM-001641

UT 197 Prize II

UPT – 160 Prize II

OFA – Good

Owner: Mark Schnubel (Connecticut)

Lilly (Fall Brook Run’s Aili) D.O.B. 5/6/2005, is a wonderful companion in the field and in the home and is good with kids, and other dogs. She is a quiet and relaxed dog in the home. She has hunted both upland game and waterfowl with excellent results. She possesses excellent drive and endurance in the field and on water. Lilly shows great enthusiasm in everything she does with a wonderful desire to please and is extremely biddable. She began backing naturally in her first year. In the field she posses a great desire to search and produce game and she has an exceptional duck search. She stands 20.5 inches off the floor and weighs 46 lbs, color Roan.

Dam: Caja received UT 201 Prize I, at the 2006 NAVHDA Invitational she received a score 195 no prize. Caja is OFA Good, color Roan. She runs big, points hard, and has a super nose and has several breeders’ awards. She is imported from Denmark and stands 20.5 inches off the floor and weighs 48 lbs.

Sire: VC Bayside Run’s Boudin - Invitational score of 195, UT 192 Prize I. Sire award recipient, Small Munsterlander Club of North America Hall of Fame recipient. He is a first generation descendant from Danish and German ancestry and stands 21 inches off the floor and weighs 54 lbs. Bou's hips are OFA Good, color B-W.

VC Hunting Hills’ Joker

SM# 0804276KIM

NAVHDA# SM-002081

VC- 200 Pass (Max. Score 200)

UT 198 Prize I

NA – 110 Prize I

OFA – Good

Owner: Pam Robinson (Nebraska)

Joker (VC Hunting Hill’s Joker) D.O.B. 4/27/2008, NAVHDA Tests: NA 110 Prize I, UT 198 Prize I, and Invitational 200 Pass. He stands 22.7 inches (57.5 cm) off the floor, weight 56 lbs, coat dense medium harsh, Hips are certified HD Free OFA Good, color Brown & White. He is the youngest of the Small Munsterlander breed to ever pass the Invitational test and only the second Small Munsterlander to earn a perfect score which he accomplished at the age of three years and five months. Joker comes from Hunting Hills' Kennel and his sire is VC Hunting Hills' Hemlock. Joker's pedigree also includes NAVHDA Versatile Champion Cody vom Apfelbaumbach and NAVHDA Versatile Champion Loose's Jaika. Joker has been a very easy dog to train and he has passed every test he has taken on the first attempt. In the field Joker is a closer working dog with an excellent nose, a staunch point and he is very cooperative. He has demonstrated a natural retrieving instinct on land and in the water. Joker has a beautiful coat and a wonderful temperament so he has been the perfect dog to use in the field for hunting and as a pet in the home. Joker is a dog that thrives on interacting with people so he has been used for pet therapy in schools since he was 9 months old.

Sire: VC Hunting Hills’ Hemlock: #07011703 KIM, NA – 112, UT – 204, INV – 196 Pass, His dam is VC Looses Jaika and his sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach. Hemi has his mother’s and father’s staunch, intense point with a very keen nose, and he is a reliable retriever Hips are certified HD Free PennHIP .38/.32, Color Brown/White. Height 21.5 inches (54.5 cm)

Dam: Goodman’s Eagle Point Farrah #07050107 KIM, NA-96. Hips are certified HD Free PennHIP .41/.32, Color Brown/White. Height 21.25 inches (51.5 cm). She is a calm, happy, independent female who loves to swim, hunt, and she has a staunch point and a broad search. An excellent trait Farrah has is that she gets along with all dogs and she is calm in the house.

There are currently 10 NAVHDA Versatile Champion Small Munsterlanders in history, this litter has 5 of these VC’s in their lineage! Timber Trail kennel is a member of the Genetic Health Project and of the Cooperating Breeders Group, of the SMCNA and there is no incidence of hip dysplasia in the ancestors of their pedigrees. The purpose of this breeding is to produce pups of sound conformation with excellent instinct to point, retrieve, track, and swim.

Preference will be given to buyers that hunt and NAVHDA test the pups. A written health warranty will be provided at time of purchase. Males/Females $1,200. Deposits are being accepted for this great pairing.

Please Contact:

Mark Schnubel

82 Timber Trail

Tolland, CT 06084

(860) 870-5792