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H-Litter Born April 1, 2016

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Small Munsterlanders
originate from Germany where they're known as Kleiner Munsterlander (fka Kleine Munsterlander Vorstehhund). Depending on the country in which the owner and dog reside, their name could vary. In the US and Canada, the dog is known as a Small Munsterlander or Kleine Munsterlander.


        Small Munsterlander’s are one of the newest versatile hunting breeds to gain popularity in the US. While they may be a new breed to the US and Canada, they have been known in Germany and Europe since the 13th or 14th century. In Europe, the Small Munsterlander or Kleiner Munsterlander are natural hunters and are bred to find, point, track, and retrieve upland birds, waterfowl and fur-bearing animals. In the US, they are primarily used for hunting upland birds and waterfowl. The Small Munsterlander's is very intelligent, capable dog with great noses and excellent water skills.
Small Munsterlander’s are wonderful family dogs and are excellent with children. Even though they are hunting dogs, they make great house dogs and love human companionship. Small Munsterlander’s enjoy showing their love for their families by giving “munster kisses”. If you are not careful, you may find your Small Munsterlander in your bed and sharing your pillow.

        Unlike other hunting breeds, the Small Munsterlander is not high strung indoors but when taken out in the field, they go full bore. This breed has an intense desire to hunt, track and retrieve. They have strong water skills and are quick to dive in when a pond, lake or river is encountered.

        The Small Munsterlander coat is smooth and there should be feathering on the legs and tail. The hair on the ears should be slightly wavy. Their color is brown, white, white ticked with brown (roan); tan markings on the muzzle and eyes is permitted. Their size can range between 20.5 to 22 inches in height at the shoulders for the males; 19.75 to 21.25 inches for females.

We are Southern New England based and your source of Small Munsterlander puppies for New England and the East Coast. We only sell pups to hunting homes. Timber Trail kennel is a member of the Genetic Health Project and of the Cooperating Breeders Group, of the SMCNA. There is no incidence of hip dysplasia in the ancestors of our pedigrees and we only breed dogs with certified hips and who have tested and passed in the NAVHDA testing system. Our breeding  program is designed to produce dogs with sound conformation, temperament  with an excellent instinct to point, retrieve, track, and swim. Our focus is on those attributes that a North American foot hunter wants in a versatile hunting dog. Sending an e-mail is the quickest method of contacting us and allows us to send you photos!

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